TEP60 functionality

The content supports both simplified control mode (DCC) and realistic mode (Cab Mode).
In Cab Mode the functionality is as close to the prototype.

Main features:
- Position of windows, curtains and wipers, cab and engine room lighting are synchronized both in the cabin and in the exterior view;
- The driver and the secondman are always in the active cabin;
- Simulation of electro-pneumatic brakes (you must couple cars fitted with EP brakes script in order to use this feature);
- Simulation of driver vigilance control system, automatic emergency braking and cab signals system;
- Simulation of diesel engine cooling system which provides for possible overheating;
- Multiple working;
- Wet and steamy windows, simulation of cab heater;
- Possibility to tune locomotive settings in Surveyor Mode
- State of all cabin controls is maintained when moving to another cabin
- State of all parameters and controls is restored after loading saved game.
- Numerous minor features